do you let the media deceived your mind ?

Today the international media especially western media – they are saying that…”All muslims are not terrorist but all terrorist are muslim.”
But if you go back to the history of the world you will find 100% falsehood in this statement. For example, in the history of the world who has killed a maximum of innocent human beings.

1) Adolf Hitler
Do you know who was he? He was a Christian. But media will never say that Christians are terrorist.
2) Joseph Stalin (called as Uncle Joe)
He has killed 20 million human beings including 14.5 million who were starved to death. Was he Muslim?
3) Mao Tze Dong (China)
He has killed 14 – 20 million human beings. Was he muslim?
4) Benito Mussolini (Italy)
He has killed 400,000 human beings. Was he muslim?
5) Asoka (India)
In Kalinga battle he has killed 100,000 human beings. Was he muslim?
6) Embargo Put By President George Bush (United States of America)
In Iraq alone 1/2 million children has been killed. Imagine that this people were never called terrorist by the media. Why?
And Added…
When America takes 1 million lives in Iraq for oil: were they muslims?
When India kills 500,000 lakhs people in Kashmir, rape their women: were they muslims?
When Serbs rape Muslim women in Kosovo/Bosnia: were they muslims?
When Russians killed 200,000 Chechens in bombings: were they muslims?
When Jews kick out Palestinians and take their land: were the Jews muslims?
When American drones kill entire family in Afghanistan/Pakistan: were they muslims?
When Israel kills 10,000 Lebanese civilians due to 2 missing soldiers: were they muslims?
As muslims retaliate and show you how did you treat us: “terrorism?”

It seems like the word “terrorism” is only reserved for muslims.
There are millions and millions of muslims all over the world since centuries, if Islam encourage terrorism and kills the innocence, everyone will be finished.

Today the majority of non-Muslims are afraid by the words of ‘jihad’.
‘Jihad’ is an Arabic word which comes from root of Arabic word, ‘jahad’ which means‘to strive’ or ‘to struggle’.
To strive or to struggle’ against evil and for justice, it does not mean killing innocents. The difference is that we stand against evil, not with evil.

Concept between Appearance and Reality


The Dajjal is one-eyed and will bring with him what will resemble Hell and Paradise,and what he will call PARADISE will be actually HELL ; so I warn you (against him) ~ Sahih Muslim

You cannot understand the world today unless and until you recognize the appearance and reality on all things that connected to the dajjal are opposite to each other…

And unless and until you see with internal eye in the addition of the external could be deceive,misguided and you will not be able to understand with the world today..

~Sheikh Imran N. Hosein

Its our duty to break down the concept of appearance and reality so we can begin to understand the deceptions of this age

It all start with a choice..A choice to look deep down into the mirror..a look that will force us to askmirror_by_riku727-d3lnv4j

How can I start improving myself and my world?

For this age switches the good with the bad..and we buy ,accept ,embrace  rather than refuse..And this applies to all aspect of your life

All you have to do is to understand the truth about this age..

A 12-step guide To Fight Pornography Addiction



Pornography consumption is not something that can easily be stopped. Once the appetite for it has developed, it actually increases.
In his 1988 study Pornography Effects: Empirical and Clinical Evidence, Victor Cline, then with the University of Utah’s Department of Psychology noted that studies show pornography is progressive and addictive for many. It often leads to the user acting out his fantasy – often on children.
For those who have been trained from a young age to lower their gaze and practice Islamic principles of modesty, this may not even be an issue.

But for those who have sadly fallen into pornography addiction, there is a way out.
Alcoholics’ Anonymous is an organization that has fought the battle against alcohol addiction since 1935. Its “Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous” provides a clear, general guide on how to get out of the addiction of alcohol, which has killed people, ruined families and led to health problems.


Step One-Admit that you can’t give up

Admit that you are unable to get a grip on your consumption of pornography. It is uncontrollable. Every time you turn on the internet, go to the video store, turn on the television, you cannot say NO to yourself. You cannot NOT surf porn sites, or stop watching. You are no longer in control of your life.

Step Two-Admit only God can get you out of this

You know, after trying using so many different ways to control your addiction and subsequently failing, that only Allah can help you out of this. You may have known it before, but you are convinced of it now without a shadow of a doubt.

Step Three-Your life and death are all in Allah’s control

You have decided to put your complete trust in Allah, who is in control of all aspects of your life and your death. You have chosen to seek His Help first and foremost.

Step Four-You have completed a self-analysis

You have done an honest, sincere, but often painful self-evaluation of your good points and bad points, analyzed your addiction, and tried to understand how you reached this point.

Step Five-Made a specific repentance to Allah

You have admitted to Allah, to yourself, and to another trusted Muslim (if possible) exactly where you went wrong. You did not make a general request for repentance. You specifically listed your mistakes, and in particular, your addiction to pornography.

Step Six-You were open and ready to receive Allah’s help to change

You know that your Tawbah (repentence to God) and being sincere, must be followed by action. You are ready to do what is necessary to change, no matter how difficult or painful. Even if it means not even watching television for the news or never surfing the internet alone.

Step Seven- You have asked for the removal of faults

You have asked Allah, with sincerity, humility and regret, to help you never repeat this action (i.e. looking at pornography) again and to help you avoid repeating sins committed in the past again.

Step Eight-You have decided to seek others’ forgiveness

You have made a list of everyone you had hurt through your addiction, whether it was your spouse, children or parents, and made the intention to approach them seeking forgiveness. You must not, however, disclose your addiction since whatever Allah has kept hidden must remain hidden. You just seek forgiveness for any possible act of harm and hurt. Allah does not like a sin to be advertised.

Step Nine-Seek forgiveness of God

Seek the forgiveness and protection of Allah. Do sadaqah (charity) and fast as kaffarah if possible.

Step Ten-You have completed nightly self-evaluations

You continually, every night, have done an honest self-evaluation of your behavior, and were ready to admit your mistakes and thank Allah for the good you did that day.

Step Eleven-You have prayed for greater God-consciousness

You prayed and continue to pray five times a day, seeking closeness to Allah, and a consciousness of Him (Taqwa) wherever you are. You increase your reliance on Him to help you with this addiction to pornography and with all other matters in your life.

Step Twelve-You preached and practiced

You have not just “moved on” after Allah blessed you to get out of this addiction. You helped others you knew with this problem with regular contact and  sincere advice. By the grace of Allah, helping others helped you maintain control over your addiction and you helped another person get out of this destruction and misery.

So Madly In Love


Ardent love … Is a madness,

An addiction,


Causes blindness and deafness


No rhyme, no reason

No time, no season

Totally Emotional


Not slightly Intellectual

Leave alone Practical

In fact, quite Nonsensical

I love you – but I don’t quite know why

It’s not your kindness nor your goodness

Nor your piousness, Do you lie?

Maybe not even your wealth or looks

Certainly not your dedication to the books


Maybe you even make me cry

It’s just the way I feel

You make my head reel

Problem: How long will it last

Before this feeling says Goodbye?

Then it’s just hurt and sadness…

It is like being on heat

An animal?

Now I’m insulted and quite ashamed

Oh no, no control over my own self

For emotions untamed

Cummon, Get hold of yourself!

The Deen prescribes the middle path

Make that list of attributes you admire

Read that Istigaraah


Pray that the lust of your Nafs


Those enticing Whispers

Doesn’t land you in the hell-fire!

Demokrasikah Tanah Air Kita


“Murbawan Malaysia tidak senang dengan apa yang sedang berlaku di negara ini. Kita menghantar pesanan yang sangat waras. Demokrasi perlu murni dan terus dimurnikan.

Kenapa kita tidak boleh memperbaik situasi? Kenapa kita harus membiarkan demokrasi diperkuda oleh segelintir kuasawan yang tampaknya bermaharajalela?

Telah lama kita tidak senang dengan aliran demokrasi yang diperkuda ini. Telah lama kita inginkan demokrasi yang bersih, bergerak atas landas yang murni.

Kita sedar bahawa jalan ini tidaklah mudah. Maka itu, kita menjadi lebih berazam. Kita maklum bahawa gergasi media arus perdana kini sedang ikut garang menghempit kita dalam arus peristiwa yang semakin durjana. Kita sedang berlawan dengan keangkuhan yang pejal. Oleh media arus perdana ini, kita sewenangnya digambarkan sebagai kumpulan “siasah” yang sangat bercita-cita buruk. Lebih buruk, kita digambarkan sebagai kelompok yang sengaja ingin menggelorakan masyarakat seburuk hajat.

Kita tidak begitu. Kita ingin memperbaiki jentera demokrasi agar lebih berhati nurani.

Kita tidak menginginkan demokrasi yang kasar dan sombong; kita merindukan demokrasi yang tulus dan betul.

Inilah gerakan kita yang, sayangnya, terpaksa bermula di tengah keangkuhan kerajaan yang merasa segala-galanya sudah betul, malah sudah syurgawi, di tanah air ini. Kita sebenarnya masih dalam derita yang terus dicipta oleh tangan kasar berhati angkuh yang sangat bercita-cita.

Kita merindukan suara kuasa yang waras dan insani; suara pembimbing yang ikhlas dan mengerti. Kita tidak memerlukan suara angkuh dalam era yang sudah terlalu lama sombong ini. Kita mengharapkan tangan kuasa yang berhemah, sedia memimpin dan berdamai, turut bantu mencipta iklim demokrasi yang harum.

Memanglah kita mengkhayalkan dunia indah itu, walaupun kenyataan yang terserlah dan mengembang kini sedang menunjukkan di atas kepala kita sentiasa sedia terapung awan kelam yang menjanjikan tofan.

Jikalau berlaku, kita bukanlah kelompok manusia yang gamam berlari; kita, sebaliknya, adalah manusia yang cekal berdiri. Kita ingin memupuk demokrasi yang lebih berhati nurani.

Semakin lara kita didera bara—

kita laungkan juga pesan merdeka:

Demokrasi sebenderang mentari

sehasrat hajat semurni harga diri.

Lama resah kita—demokrasi luka;

lama duka kita—demokrasi lara.

Demokrasi yang angkuh, kita cemuhi;

suara bebas yang utuh, kita idami!

Dua abad lalu Sam Adams berseru:

(di Boston dijirus teh ke laut biru):

Tak diperlu gempita sorak yang gebu,

diperlu hanya unggun api yang syahdu.

Kini menyalalah unggun sakti itu;

kini merebaklah nyala unggun itu.

“A Samad Said”

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